Pain patches on dad’s old knees


I visited dad today. I was present for the doctor’s round and he advised that dad was ready to go home and that the plan for bed based (ie care facility based) rehabilitation had been changed this morning to home based and that he was ready for discharge.

I responded that I don’t think dad is ready for discharge. Indeed he is far from it especially given that dad has just had two weeks sickness and diarrhoea caused by the Norovirus and can’t even get out of bed unaided and so my advice to dad was to refuse discharge and aim for referral to a rehabilitation facility.

The doctor referred me to another person who then came (physio I think) and explained that dad was fit for home based rehabilitation. I asked to see dad get out of bed by himself and so a sort of test ensued where  dad tried to get out of bed unaided and failed.

At the end of the test the physio explained that dad’s ability appeared to have  diminished a little since last Friday and this may be because he had not been out of bed over the weekend, and that given this he will be put forward for bed based (ie care facility based) rehabilitation.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking the piss out of him and we had a laugh. But in reality dad is now focussed on the tiniest things in is life and becoming oblivious to the world outside.


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3 Responses to Dad

  1. This all sounds very familiar, Pete. We went through the same with my Mother-in-Law last year. Your Dad is fortunate that he has you to advocate for him. I recognise the gradual contraction of his world too. Wishing you both fortitude for finding an appropriate approach to his care going forward.


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  2. Catherine says:

    Thank goodness for your assertive approach Pete and wishing you success in finding a good place for him to have appropriate care.

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  3. Tanya says:

    I’m glad he is going to rehab and well done you Pete. Your dad is lucky to have you! I hope that the move is easy on your dad.

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