Symposium notes end of term 5: scary and exciting

Today’s symposium really focused my mind as I learned that we have until May 26th to prepare and submit our initial bids for space for the final exhibition with that week being taken up with agreeing our exhibits and locations. So I’d better get cracking on deciding what to exhibit and make it!

Jonathan spelled these out:

    • If we go into the process only looking for the best for ourselves we won’t find it but, 
    • If we go into the process looking for the best for everyone we will most likely find something close to the best for ourselves
    • The final show is the most difficult exhibition we will ever do: it’s a combination of our personal MA and a group show setting, so a challenging combination

He recommends we:

    • Dream big, imagine what would be ideal
    • Then be realistic – every exhibition is a compromise of time, budget and space

Lastly he argued that the compromise is nothing bad,  it just recognises that realities of time, budget and space and so that can lead to good outcomes

There are the following numbers of MA students showing work at Wilson Road:

  • 65 Illustration students graduating
  • 18 MA Fine Art Digital
  • 16 Designer Maker
  • 11 Printmaking
  • 6 Book Arts
  • and 1st year students (with a smaller space)

The space


I don’t have access to the basement so will plan with the first floor space in mind.

I’m going to focus wholly on the exhibition from now on.


PS. My paperback and hardback in the Blurb bookstore.


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