An alternative exhibition

The Scene

A little room full of items with disability imagery printed on them. For example,

  • A carpet with a single personal disability symbol
  • A folding stool with a bloody toilet scene on the seat
  • Wallpaper with repeating symbols
  • Table cloth with abstract imagery on it
  • Tablecloth run with the urine bags on it
  • Plates and mugs with abstract images on them
  • A placemat and coaster with surreal dinner imagery on it
  • A lamp with feet/ramps imagery
  • My books on the table with the lamp

You can get these items from sites like this and the above would cost me a few hundred pounds.

The benefit of such an approach is that it would take people out of their normal senses of interpretation because they don’t normally see or associate this type of imagery with household items.

However the weakness is that 1) it all looks a bit gimmicky and 2) requires little craft by me. So this option stops here.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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