What is perfection?

It’s too easy to think that your the only one struggling when things don’t go your way, when in reality we all have to deal with the myriad of things life throws at us. So I went back to basics this week and my three perennial choices: kill myself; make the best of what I have; or talk about killing myself and moan a lot.

When put like this the choice is easy and so I’m back on track after taking option two (obviously). And so with this frame of mind I turned to exhibition ideas and a digital image to go in the set.

I created a straight rendering of the image but wanted to spoil it, or either a part of it in some way to make the think imperfect. Indeed Jonathan and I talked about perfection and his views on “noise” ie we don’t exists in a bubble so it’s part of the world around us. This is a good way of looking at things – artificially created noise. It was with this issue in mind I began experimenting.


This large 42cm square image was printed and then I applied a pencil rubber to it, just to see what the result would look like really.

In the end I decided against adopting this approach as the flaw in the image I introduced is two neat and ordered. However I do need a straight digital reference point within the series and think I will just allow for the normal noise and imperfection that accompanies the image’s production to be included.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. I personally enjoy option 2 but with a bit of moaning as well.

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