A reference point in the exhibition

I’ve continued to think about reference points for my exhibition images – ie where the symbol originated – and think there are three possibilities.

The first option is to show the origin of the personalised symbol. See below.



The problem with this approach is that this is a photo of me and not a representation that includes me and others. Thus in terms of format and form its doesn’t really work – I did think of printing it very small and using it as a full stop and the end of the series of images but don’t think that will work.

The second approach is to print the image of the symbol in digital form and that’s what I have done here below. This works.


The image carries some noise both in terms of digital composition and from the printing process – see below. Moreover it references the image as a digital creation.


So the set so far looks like this.


When looking at these three images together the third option for a reference point becomes clear. I think I need to create an image that takes the viewer from the conventional symbols we see every day and move them toward this personalised one. It is in that approach I can take viewers on a journey around texture, colour scale, medium and form and conceptual approach.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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