Playing with crayons

I’ve been rushing a little bit because of my impending operation and stay in hospital – trying to think up new ways of presenting my symbol.  I began experimenting with oil based crayon. I had a large piece of paper and squared it off and then began drawing.


The first result was okay (ish) but lacked any real sense of texture (although it looked better in real life than in this picture below. image

But when I placed a light behind the image it came to life. image

I continued to work on it – specifically to give it more texture with the resulting image looking like this below. image

I then varnished it to seal the crayon. image

The result was acceptable. image

However I purchased some LED lights and a deep framed box and fixed the lights into the box to light it from behind, but the result was awful. The lights were not powerful enough to provide a dispersed light across the image. image

So I either needed to get a deeper frame and use a larger light or dispense with the light. So when I framed the image behind glass it looked much better and didn’t need a really strong light behind it.  


Indeed the image worked really well when seen as part of the set.


I think this set is complete. I can’t think of any further renditions that would add to it. As it is, I hope the set takes people from the conventional symbol through to the personal and offers five very different renderings of the image where textures, finish and scale all offer a different evocation. (But you really need to see these pictures up close to get the sense of them –photos just don’t do it.

I’m finished on this bit of the project.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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5 Responses to Playing with crayons

  1. Catherine says:

    A shame the lightbox idea didn’t work as you wanted. It makes a good addition to the set.

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  2. Sharon says:

    I like your play with crayons and experimenting with light. Aware that you said that you’re finished with that part of the project, there is one more little thing you might want to try if you have the time. That is to use tracing paper with oil pastel and smooth that over with some light vegetable oil. Or produce a laminate using coloured tissue paper. That might work quite nice with light.

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