Prejudice and opportunities


My mind has been turning to questions of sustaining my practice post this MA. One standard approach would be to go on to read for a Phd, but I don’t want to jump straight into that, although I might pursue that sometime in the future.

I think I have got a lot of things ready for the exhibition and so should be okay even if out of action for a few weeks following my upcoming surgery. (Every time the phone goes I jump).

The post MA train of thought got me thinking about why I didn’t want to go straight onto a Phd and it was about spending some time without a specific research timetable. But I know that I don’t want to be isolated – as networks are a valuable stimulus – and this got me to explore the Royal Photographic Society. I has seen some of the work of members back in October (see here) and concluded that the work I had seen was more conservative and less experimental than others and that I might not like it.

Anyway the RPS seemed like a good starting place to explore a source of networks that might be helpful to me in sustaining my practice following this MA so I explored them online and determined that £55 for a concessionary membership might be something worth investing in. Well I was pleased I did.

The Journal that arrived was far from being focussed wholly on form, kit and technical issues to do with photography, and covered quite a few areas of direct interest to me. For example, there was an interesting article Illness and infirmity that sighted some artists I knew of, and others I did not, as well as covering a wide rather eclectic range of subject matter and approaches.

So I am glad I got past my initial prejudice and signed up.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Catherine says:

    I agree that you need time to absorb all the learning (and excitement) from completing the MA. To enjoy the glow of success.and not rush straight into something new. A good idea though to think of adding to your network. I’m currently in midst of writing about an Open Crit organised by Q-Art that I went to observe – just for interest and to see what can be learned from them in terms of ways to improve our TV Group’s work presentation and discussion.

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