Sitting in my inbox was a e-newsletter from my new friend: The Royal Photographic Society. The correspondence was timely as there is less to do now for the MA: the book is printed most the items I want to present at the exhibition are complete and I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself and try and box everything off now as other things kight come up nearer the end. In addition I am unable to plan much while dad is in hospital and I wait for my operation and so an trying to find things local and short to fill my time.

The newsletter offered quite a lot in terms of involvement with a monthly competition as well as information of exhibitions and the like. So I decided to participate in the monthly  competition of which the theme is Blue. You can see the entries here.

At first I immediately thought of putting in an image that played on the word blue, such is this below. But blue as an emotion seems more about sadness than shock and so I decided against the approach.


I then chose a more melancholy image with the following description.

”My little memento I keep that used to sit on my late mum’s dresser.”

This is my favourite image in terms of the theme because it is both literally blue and interprets the theme conceptually.

But as I could submit up to five images I then selected these additional three just because I like them. 




I thought about putting these two in but decided that the landscape was repetitive and the portrait not of a good enough standard as the colours looked too forced.



The results are not issued until the end of the month and so that gives me time to look at all the other entries and enjoy thinking about the theme.

The winners are selected thus:

At the end of each monthly competition, RPS staff will shortlist a number of images which will appear in the shortlist section. The opportunity is then open to you to vote for the images you like the most. The public vote will remain open for approximately 7 days from the day the finalists are announced. The highest voted image plus the two most popular in an RPS staff vote will become the three winning images for the month and will appear in the next issue of the Journal. They will also receive a print of their image from Metro-Print.

I’ve enjoyed this little distraction and look forward to the result.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Catherine says:

    An enjoyable distraction.

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