The promise of VR

If Frank Rose’s The Art of Immersion was all about showing how storytelling is both a natural human function and changing because of the nature of technology then Virtual Reality (VR) must be one of the leading strands of change.

VR promises people like me a new reality where our brains can trick our bodies into believing in other virtual worlds. I daydream about a day where I decide to go for a long hard run along a seaside path or I try to climb a steep hill. I will know when VR has worked as by the end of the “run” I should ache and glow (I do those things now but for much more mundane reasons).

But there are barriers: price is one, clunky gear is another. But just imagine the day when you can sit back and put on a lightweight pair of eye covers on and then begin a run along the Seven Sisters an feel the run as if you were really present.

When and if I reach old age I could give myself another virtual persona of a young fit guy and explore the universe. My first activity would be to go with Karen and the boys on a small boat into the middle of the ocean to see all the stars, listen to the sea and feel the wind. There wouldn’t be a story, just experience.   image

Rose, F., (2012) The Art of Immersion, Published by W.W. Norton and co.


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  1. Catherine says:

    I can imagine you being there Pete.

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