Some of you might remember this post well I wanted to make something similar for the exhibition. However rather than just paint the sheaths and tubes I wanted to take the transformation a little further so that the items would engage and confound viewers. Whether or not I have achieved that I do not know. But here is the process and result. (It’s been a great little project where I have been able to do it incrementally over some time).

I began by taking 5 sheaths and night bag tubes and painted the tubes with orange and yellow acrylic paint for texture and undercoat and use a thick heavy blue for texture on the sheaths.


I then hung the tubes and used white emulsions and green paints to build up textures on the stems and yellow, blue and red paints on the sheaths for the flowers.



I then cut 5 day bag tubes and painted them yellow to make a simulacrum of the centre of the flowers.


Here are the completed items prior to adding some varnish.


I then played around with presentation ideas. This is one I liked where I have juxtoposed the “flowers” against the original items.


While I have enjoyed the process of producing these items I won’t be exhibiting them. I prefer the purity of the originals.


PS. Did I ever post this?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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