My part of the final exhibition

So I have pretty much all the key items I want to present in the final exhibition and how they might relate to each other and the wider work being shown.

My items in relation to each other 

Firstly there is the resolved body of work in the form of the two books*.Paralysis book (1 of 1)

Then there are the images of wheelchair symbols rendered in a variety of ways.Wheelchair symbols

I see these in terms of

    • A simple triptych of symbols (35cm)
    • Heroic: 10cm2 textured painting of symbol (242 framed)
    • Childish spectacle: 30cm2 Crayon mount ordered light box (322 framed)
    • Digital: 45cm2 x 45 cm digital image of symbol (yet to be produced)
    • Primitive: 12cm2 block cut of symbol (602 framed)
    • Classic: 80cm2 painting of symbol (812 framed)

Then there is the 36cm square wall hanging sculpture (entitled Shit Happens) Paralysis sculpture (1 of 1)

And lastly the vase (Duchamp updated)sculpture

Presentational ideas

The view option 1
Section 1: The pictures could be in a line on the wall running from the small triptych to the largest symbol. A desk will be in front of the lino cut symbol with Paralysis Unseen in hard and paperback on it along with supporting materials.

Section 2: This will consist of Shit Happens hung on the wall and Duchamp Updated on a plinth.

The view option 2
Option 1 doesn’t really work very well from my point of view. Another better option would be as follows:

Section 1: To present the symbols pictures in amongst other students work in with one located by my own work. This would mean that as viewers walk around viewing work they would repeatedly be exposed to  the symbols and so the installation would make a statement not only in terms of my own interpretation of this cultural aspect of representation but also do so in practice by integrating amongst the other works.  

Section 2: This will consist of Shit Happens hung on the wall and Duchamp Updated on desk with Paralysis Unseen in hard and paperback on it along with any supporting materials. Or omit Shit Happens and have one of the symbols pictures above a desk with the vase and Paralysis Unseen.

I really like this second idea as it brings issues of isolation, integration, disability and access to the fore and might help in terms of negotiating space as I would need several smaller spaces rather than one large area.

Supporting materials
I want to find a way to allow people to comment on my work (both for feedback and a way of engaging them) and a way of promoting it and this is what I will turn my mind to next.

I will also need things like: cleaning cloths and cleaner, hanging materials, and a table.


*The words “two books” belie the amount of work that has gone into these.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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