Supporting materials for the exhibition

I have always known that I would want to try and engage visitors with my work. The blog is a great way to do that in terms of on-going practice but what about the final exhibition? Accordingly I have spent some time thinking how I might achieve this. Indeed the issue came up in a short course I mentioned here

I could get visitors to respond by installing a white board and pen or a pin board, pen and Post It notes, but white boards gets wiped and personalised Post It notes are very expensive. I could set up video recording but this would almost overtake the exhibition so I have kept things simple and prepared a Comments book. I also purchased one of those pens on a chain and adapted the book cover image and had Dox Direct print it.

Business cards and comments book

The reason I made the comments book monochrome was to signal that the book was not part of the exhibit and was for comments. At the top of each page the viewer and invited to leave a comment.

Comments book

Now that took care of comments I also needed something simple to promote my work that was distinct from any promotion the University might do for the overall MA exhibition. I thought about postcards and the only reason I ended up with business cards was because the format suited my work. So I’ve had 200 simple cards printed.

Business cards

You will see that the only information on them is my main linking website and email addresses. That way I can draw people into seeing the work online. I selected the image because of its simple form and the image links to the dedicated website and other symbols in the exhibition.

So my hope is that the series of symbol pictures will be located around other exhibits in the exhibition and that I will have a small space with the desk or table that will hold this stuff along with Paralysis Unseen and Duchamp Updated and the small classic acrylic image to signal the my works’ links to the other images placed around the venue.

My hope is that then people will stop, view the books, and comment, and at some point in their general viewing make the connection of the symbols dotted around with this exhibit.  



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2 Responses to Supporting materials for the exhibition

  1. This looks very engaging Pete… I remember seeing some work by Alan Sekula…meditations on a triptych see His work looks similar to the immediate eye but is not the same as Sekula was not inviting feedback rather providing a text for people to read whilst seated at the table. I wonder if you also need a chair?

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    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Keith. One of my worries is that the visitors will see the comments book and cards as part of the “installation” and so not respond. I haven’t got an answer to this yet as I don’t think signage is allowed. I will also look at chairs as this might help trigger viewings and responses.

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