Dad’s ready for discharge

I came back from a (lovely) overnight trip to Portsea on Tuesday to find several messages waiting for me. There were three from dad. Two were jumbled and didn’t make much sense and one where he just wanted to catch up. When I spoke to him he said he thought it was Wednesday.

Then there were a couple from the hospital: one from a Social Worker and another from the ward. I phoned them first thing yesterday and found that they think dad is ready for discharge.

When I saw dad he seemed happy. He’s not up much and sleeps quite a bit and he’s coming home without rehabilitation as the aim isn’t to get dad “better” but rather get him comfortable and happy. If that means he spends all day in bed then so be it.

Old man in hospital

So I phoned Day to Day care to arrange for a new care package. This is what it looks like:


I don’t expect this will be borne out in practice but it gives me, the staff and dad a structure of expectations to work within. Anyway the next photo should be of dad at home.


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6 Responses to Dad’s ready for discharge

  1. Carol Street says:

    This must be so bittersweet for you Pete and hard in so many ways. Glad for your Dad that he is home where he wants to be.

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  2. Catherine says:

    I don’t know what to say really. I know he’s clinging on to your mum by staying in the house but at such emotional cost to you. Definitely a big hug to you and positive thoughts.

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    • anomiepete says:

      I think what will happen is one of three things: 1) he goes home it all works out and at some unknown point in the future he passes peacefully at home. 2) he quickly becomes morose and very very needy – and ends up back in hospital or 3) a nursing home. I’ve decided that I will TRY and just let things happen even if they mean dad suffers. Otherwise I will break and that will have knock on effects…(but being passive is tough!)


      • Catherine says:

        I understand what you mean regarding having to stay passive. It’s a shame because he did seem to enjoy the company he got from having people around him all day in hospital.

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