Final Tutorial?

I had a good tutorial with Jonathan last Friday – probably the final one  of the MA – and we talked mostly about the exhibition and what I wanted to show and how, and the marketing of it.

I showed him the mock up photo of my presentation table idea. That is for Paralysis Unseen, the comments book, pen on a chain, business cards and Duchamp Updated on a desk and the small historical painting on the personalised wheelchair symbol on the wall with other images of symbols placed around the exhibition site.

Jonathan thought the idea of using the symbols pictures as both signifiers and signs orientating and directing visitors to my books to be a good idea for the reasons I had assumed. Ie it gives the group flexibility in where to place my work while working well in asking the viewer questions about space, signs, inclusion, and the social construction of disability.

We then discussed the marketing and he will post the video of Hannah Pring, the marketing manager for Camberwell, final show marketing briefing that took place last week and that will help me orient and integrate my plan within the college’s wider strategy.

So I will concentrate on the video for Thursday’s upcoming symposium session now and then marketing issues to develop my plan around the University’s once I have seen their presentation.

This is the opening screen shot of my video for next week’s symposium.



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