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Yesterday morning’s email in tray began filling up with my fellow students’ video presentations, and so I spent the first part of it viewing them and jotting down  impressions, thoughts and questions. But then Calamity! I clicked on Skype just to see who was online at 11.30 only to find I was a hour and a half late…. Sad smile This meant I had missed Donald’s, Rhiannon’s, Clara’s, and Anqi’s presentations and discussion. Sad smile Sad smile  But as there were 18 videos to be viewed I consoled myself with the knowledge that I could participate in the group review for those.

The feedback for my presentation was satisfactory for me. Questions arose about how I plan to present the symbols and I answered those. But I don’t really think people will “get” what I am doing until they see it.

The symbols will be placed around the venue amongst all the other students art works.

As people wander around they will notice them almost subliminally and as the keep seeing different evocations of the same symbol it should trigger questions in the viewers’ minds: what are these signs? What is the purpose of the symbols? What are they doing here? Are they part of the exhibit? What do they mean?

Then as viewers come to my table and chair installation they will see the business cards with the same symbol and the books and be invited to view them. It will be at this point that people will get the connection ie that they are signs directing people toward my resolved body of work. They will then be invited to sit, read and comment on the book.

So the symbols will have 1) changed the meaning and experience for viewers seeing all the other works and 2) signposted viewers to my Resolved body of work located at the installation.

Final Exhibtion Mock up (1 of 2)


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