Marketing, the exhibition and a chair

A chair to sit on and peruse Paralysis Unseen at the exhibition. (Good idea Keith)chair (1 of 1)

MA Final Show Exhibition dates

    • Thursday 14 July   Opening night 6pm to 9pm – private view
    • Friday 15 July 10am – 8pm: Show open
    • Saturday 16 July: 11am – 5pm Show open
    • Show closed: Sunday 17 July
    • Monday 18 July: 10am – 8pm Show open
    • Tuesday 19 July: 10am – 8pm Show open
    • Wednesday 20 July: 10am – 8pm Show open

The venue
Camberwell College of Arts
Foundation Building
1 Wilson Road
London  SE5 8LU

Jonathan circulated a video of the briefing the London received recently regarding the University’s marketing strategy. This was outlined by Hanna Pring, Marketing Manager, Camberwell College of Arts here. There was also lots of very useful procedural stuff outlined in the first 20 minutes of the video by Amanda Jenkins Associate Dean around procedural and administrative issues and Kate James about Artscom who will sell our work if we want to.

I took away two key messages from the hour’s briefing:

    • The exhibition is an exam and we won’t be allowed to fiddle with anything from Friday July 8 once it’s installed and the exhibition is open until take down on July 21/22nd
    • That the marketing of the exhibition is probably best kept discreet from my promotion of Paralysis Unseen

There is a reason for this: when contacting target audiences I will want to present the book as a stand-alone discourse and do not want issues of how I have come to make it dilute that. Now I’ve made that decision I need to develop a marketing plan for Paralysis Unseen.


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