Jacquetta Clark

A photographer Facebook friend of mine sent me this link to an artist’s work because she thought it might interest me. She wasn’t wrong.


This still image is taken from an article written here and positions the art in relation to the artist’s physiological experiences and condition. I’m not so sure that is a useful way of interpreting the work though. For me the power in this work is not either static or impairment related, but rather fluid and diverse. To understand why I say this you have to see either a video of the exhibit such as on her Facebook page (I’m afraid you will have to scroll down the page to find the video as I can’t seem to establish a fixed link with it from here.) or in the real. When viewed in this way the image changes as one moves the bodies form and reform into ever differing shapes. Interesting, intriguing, transformative.

Jacquetta’s work interested me and so I found her website where her eye had cast wide. For example, here the series on forced form took my eye as the idea of pressing flesh into formed shapes resonated immediately as a metaphor to how we are often forced into positions that give rise to tension and stress but then often dissipate over time. It also put me in mind of an MA course colleague’s work – see here – but both approaches are quite distinct.  

It was good to see some original, interesting, thought provoking, work that would stand its grown alongside any artist.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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