Exhibition materials – final check

On June 9th and 24th we had two symposium sessions but I failed to write then up as I was dealing with issues in relation to the death of my dad on June 8th, and his estate for most of  the day on June 25th. However I have had a chance to review my notes of the sessions and note that they focussed on setting out our exhibition spaces and discussing the last things we need to have in place for both the exhibition and assessment.

The exhibition
I will be installing my work on July 5th (next Tuesday) for the final exhibition and so I have just spent a little time checking and then packing my work to take to Camberwell. This was important as I realised I couldn’t fit everything in my car in one go and so have arranged to drop some pieces of tomorrow.

Here is a list of the items.

Books (The resolved body of work)
                  Paralysis Unseen: Pictures (large book) x 2
                  Paralysis Unseen: Pictures (Small book) x 2

Paralysis book (1 of 1)

Seven Pictures

                  1. A simple triptych of symbols (35cm)
                  2. Heroic: 10cm textured painting of symbol (24 framed)
                  3. Childish spectacle: 30cm Crayon mount ordered light box (32 framed)
                  4. Digital: 45cm x 45 cm digital image of symbol (yet to be produced)
                  5. Primitive: 12cm block cut of symbol (60 framed)
                  6. Classic: 80cm painting of symbol (81 framed)
                  7. Rubbish 18cm damaged photo of symbol (20 with backing) (not shown below)

Wheelchair symbols

                 Shit Happens
                 Duchamp Updated (part of the desk installation)

Final Exhibtion Mock up (2 of 2)

Supporting materials
                Paralysis Unseen Comments book
                Pen on a chain
                Contact cards and holder
                Cleaning cloths

Business cards

Overall impact
So the aim is that as people wander around the site then will see 7 versions of the wheelchair symbol without any other references. his will hopefully engender interest and questions about their role and nature in the venue.

Then at one point the viewers will see a picture of a symbol above a desk populated with two copies of each book, a pen a comments book and Duchamp Updated and all should make sense. Well some sort of sense.

I hope the work will be seen as comprehensive, interesting and engaging. 


Final actions for assessment
The other thing discussed at the symposium was the deadline for the last two actions:

    1. A 500 word written post critically evaluating: my practice and future developments
    2. A new page called ‘Unit 2 Assessment’ and provide notes and links to all the assessment evidence required including the short 500 word written post

Nearly there…..


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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