Shooting Day final Piece (Day5)

The range of work being prepared for the final exhibition is very wide, For example, here Anthi is working on a performance piece.


Shooting day today at Wilson Road !

i have arrived earlier at the uni to clear out the studio area..and to move the three wooden structures and bases to the top floor…
One of my best childhood friends kindly offered to assist me in the documentation of the durational sculptures so i got more relieved about the whole process although i didntt have much time left to lose.

I begun constructing/ building the first sculpture, the one which consists of the column, my body and the blue wooden construction with the strict lines and squares..
Collaborating with all the other mediums, i ended up with a result that looked like the example below..

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.06.08 PM.pngPicMonkey Collage.jpg

at the begging the sculpture had just a plain white backround..but then I examined a little bit the place to find all the small bits and pieces, details  that mayde it unique..the wooden floor and the markes…

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