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Project 7: More of a colour diversion

I’ve spent today on a little diversion by looking at colour and scale. This was triggered by the utter failure of the effect of colour on my colour blood grid for Project 7. The intention is just to explore the … Continue reading

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So much for waiting – a submission to Source

I know yesterday I said I was considering to submit something to Source but that it was a little too early. Well scrap that. The post triggered my spending much of the day working out what I want to say … Continue reading

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A photo a day – different view of winter

It was bright and sunny today so I went outside and had a look around my garden. The setting offered endless photographic possibilities. In the end two things struck me: patterns and colours and so this is what I have … Continue reading

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Another day another couple of approaches

Rather than isolate items within the frame or imbue the image was false values of movement (as some of my earlier work has done this week) I placed some kit into a plastic container and shot through it. I then … Continue reading

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Review and comparison – Projects 1 and 2

After sleeping on the provisional completion of Project 2 and wanted to take a little time to reflect on the process and outcome of this in relation to Project 1. However as soon as I began to consider the images … Continue reading

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A photo a day – style

I didn’t think my mum was one for style. For most of her life she was a large lady, usually with scratches and bruises on her legs from scrambling about her allotment or  garden. So it was with some surprise … Continue reading

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Reviewing a photo a day – 46 photos

I began my photo a day series on Wednesday December 18th and, as today is the first of the month and my birthday, thought it about time to take stock and review. Firstly, and reflecting on the process of creating … Continue reading

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