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Stuck and scared – oh and a Weebly website

I had a heameriodectomy last Thursday to stop my constant and frequent bleeding. Since then I have been stuck upstairs not far from my bed or bathroom dealing with the (hopefully) short term implications of the operation – ie sweating, … Continue reading

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An approach to my work shown online – a new WordPress website

The production of the final body of work for online consumption requires a quite different approach from that of the book. I either needed to create a dedicated set of images for the site or use the site to show … Continue reading

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Websites: thinking about curation, spectacle and discourse

The recent reading I’ve been doing on the subject of curation has, along with the on-going curation of my book, motivated me to have a look at my general online presence. I use Facebook, Flickr and this blog in very … Continue reading

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Last symposium of the Autumn term and pop up show

Jonathan emailed our second year marking criteria and deadlines today prior to the afternoon’s symposium. This useful document had lots of key information in it and I have summarised this into what I am expected to have produced and by … Continue reading

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“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

Benjamin Disraeli’s quote came to mind for this little experiment. I had employed the  sue of some statistics in preparing my paper for Assessment of Unit 1 – see here – and made a point about the average view looked … Continue reading

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Blogging and dad

This post was going to be about blogging but events turned it into something else. I wanted to spend some time thinking about my blog and blogging as it is currently the main way I engage with the external world … Continue reading

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The power of digital (and backing up data)

I’ve been having lots of problems with my new computer lately. The machine would crash and then fail to boot up. This culminated in my reinstalling Windows 8.1 yesterday, which in itself required my reinstalling all the additional software I … Continue reading

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My blog’s birthday

Today, December 11th marks this blog’s birthday. I am not sure why I say this blog as it’s the only one I have written! So lets look at what has happened. Strategic The plan last December was simple: complete my … Continue reading

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Blog maintenance

One of the things I do quite regularly is run through the tags I have used on this blog and reallocate ones where I have used incorrect spelling or duplicated tags in terms of meaning. It seems best to do … Continue reading

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Frustration at Leaves Sweaty Dance

I really wanted to comment on this post Leaves Sweaty Dance. The difference in viewing experience between the video and still image was profound. But could  comment? No. I can’t understand the rationale for blogging without offering viewers the facility to … Continue reading


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