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Stuck and scared – oh and a Weebly website

I had a heameriodectomy last Thursday to stop my constant and frequent bleeding. Since then I have been stuck upstairs not far from my bed or bathroom dealing with the (hopefully) short term implications of the operation – ie sweating, … Continue reading

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An approach to my work shown online – a new WordPress website

The production of the final body of work for online consumption requires a quite different approach from that of the book. I either needed to create a dedicated set of images for the site or use the site to show … Continue reading

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Websites: thinking about curation, spectacle and discourse

The recent reading I’ve been doing on the subject of curation has, along with the on-going curation of my book, motivated me to have a look at my general online presence. I use Facebook, Flickr and this blog in very … Continue reading

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Project 10: Experiment with symbols and brand values

One of the things I haven’t touched on yet but that forms a major part of my experience is that of symbols. The disability symbol is very sparse in terms of its presence and so a bit like the abstractions … Continue reading

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