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I.T. as part of the artist’s toolkit

A few weeks ago I began to have problems with my computer. It began with a large update from Windows 10 that wouldn’t completely install and partially corrupted the boot drive. The problem then got worse as when booting up … Continue reading

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Technology, diversification, production values and access

One of the emails I received today was from WordPress.com. I subscribe to their emails because I am not a greatly technically proficient.  I love technology and am interested all things computer and internet related but have only dabbled with … Continue reading

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The power of digital (and backing up data)

I’ve been having lots of problems with my new computer lately. The machine would crash and then fail to boot up. This culminated in my reinstalling Windows 8.1 yesterday, which in itself required my reinstalling all the additional software I … Continue reading

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My blog’s birthday

Today, December 11th marks this blog’s birthday. I am not sure why I say this blog as it’s the only one I have written! So lets look at what has happened. Strategic The plan last December was simple: complete my … Continue reading

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A photo a day – more data/jargon

I’m sure these numbers mean something but I don’t know what. We seem surrounded by packaging that has unfathomable data on it.

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A photo a day – codes and data

When checking my INR this morning the error 5 came up on my metre so I had to recheck using another strip. My INR needs to be between 2 and 3. As this was the last strip  I proceeded to … Continue reading

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A photo a day – my other birthday

I’m a bit like the queen in that I had two birthdays. My second or “other” birthday recognises the day that I was reborn as a paralysed man. I see it as a birthday because every single aspect of my … Continue reading

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