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Family Album 10

We said goodbye to dad yesterday. As per his wishes, he was given a military styled funeral with the coffin draped in the Union flag and his medals and a silver ornamental bed plaque on the coffin. We saw him … Continue reading

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Nothing. About dad

Since dad died last Wednesday my day to day activities have changed radically. I am no longer phoning, emailing and writing to people to help organise dad’s life, nor am I speaking to him. So, just at the moment there … Continue reading

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Administration and Tears

Yesterday was hectic. In between the calls to and from district nurses, carers and suppliers of things dad needs, he would phone and not answer. This happened five times. I’d picked up and hear him and call out “dad” but … Continue reading

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This image caught my eye

This photo caught my eye.  It was published in the A-N website promoting INSIGHTS: An Exhibition of Photographs by Carers in Hertfordshire Camera Club. What was it that resonated? Well the aesthetic approach firstly. Big dominant shapes filling the frame … Continue reading

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Do you ever 

Do you ever wish you were diagnosed with a terminal illness so the burden of living was at an end?

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Turning a corner

Well, for the past three weeks dad hasn’t cried on the phone or when we get together. He seems to have turned a corner. Every Wednesday we do the shopping on line at Tesco and Wiltshire Farm Foods. Indeed the … Continue reading

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When people die

When Jim died in 2012 aged 59 he stopped getting older, When mum died last august she became set at any point you care to remember between 0 and 86 years old, No poppies for them.

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Twelve Days in Summer

This project has arisen organically. Over much of 2014 I had been carrying a camera with me at all times and shooting and posting a photo a day. As part of that process I captured a lot of what was … Continue reading

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