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A focus for the final term

So the new, final, terms begins today. This might be a good time to take stock of where I am and consider the pressing next steps to resolve this work. Looking back I can see a sort of shape to … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on a project that is aimed at speaking about the time when things are redundant and used up. Maybe this is because I am on the last lap of the MA – who knows.  I liked the … Continue reading

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Those of you that follow this blog will know that I am waiting for a pacemaker to be fitted (see here for a post about it.) Well I was phoned by the hospital today and told “P” day was to … Continue reading

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Distraction, jargon, curation and impact

I’ve been sorting out some medical kit and its been a nice distraction this afternoon but, my word, the amount of paper and jargon that goes along with it is considerable. Then the thought occurred to me about how much … Continue reading

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I don’t know what I am doing…

So I placed my books on Amazon.com today, but its clear that I don’t know what I am doing as the last draft of the small book was already on it! (I have asked how I remove it). The books … Continue reading

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Aspiration and isolation (me rambling)

Superheroes and their kitComic book superheroes have a lot to do with disabled people. They act as projection surfaces where people’ s fears and dreams find a safe place for expression. You only have to think about X men to … Continue reading

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Hey, the submission deadline last week was detailed as the end of February. So I spent the weekend working on this (below) only to find today that the submission deadline has moved! Well, I’ve put the work in so want … Continue reading

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Studying Disability Arts and Culture

It is clear from my research that the visual representation of disability is broadly absent from visual representation and connoted almost exclusively through the prism of impairment. Of course there are many disabled artists who counter this view such as … Continue reading

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In a box

I read about a new exhibition entitled Art, Life, Activism being launched at the  Attenborough Arts Centre in this post in Disability Arts Online. It’s great to see art with a political voice. However I got dismayed when I read: … Continue reading

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Project Words – starting from scratch and building up a statement

This concept is all about voices, truth and authenticity. What paralysed people say to non disabled people is not the same as when speaking to each other. You learn pretty quickly when paralysed that many – most – friends fall … Continue reading

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