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Progression? Exploration?

You really need to see this in person to enjoy the differences fully.

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Project 17: Greater symmetry

So in my last post I used a greater number of images of my feet than here, but this collage applies a greater consistency with the images used. ThoughtsThis image is pleasing aesthetically and works best without borders but doesn’t … Continue reading

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Project 17: Variety

I think that I am getting near the end of being able to find a sensible way of using this typology. As with earlier versions using fewer images the gif does not offer the power and evocation of the grid, … Continue reading

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Project 17: more

By themselves these singular images don’t say much, but as I add images to the set the evocation changes and a sort of narrative begins to form. The repetition of broadly similar images changes the narrative into something that shows … Continue reading

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Symposium and a little more on Project 17

There wasn’t a formal symposium yesterday but a few of us got together for a short Skype session and focussed on the Research Proposal and Assessment of Unit 1 that was useful. I then spent a little time on my … Continue reading

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Project 17: typology, gif or both?

I’m just playing with the typology in terms of numbers, order and forms of presentation. There is no conclusion as yet, just experimenting.

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Gif – paint and Photoshop

I’ve just been experimenting with using real paint and then digitising the image and using layers in Photoshop to create an image. I don’t think the effect is very good but the process was interesting.

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Windows 10

It’s okay so far…

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Dad – getting on top of things

As usual I visited dad today and we chewed the cud and put the world to right. He went to the day centre yesterday and moaned about it but plans to go again – so that’s a good sign. He … Continue reading

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If only I believed…

I have no faith based source of succour and sometimes wish I believed. And then I distract myself and find relief in other ways….

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