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Documentary submission: The Royal Photographic Society

So here is my submission. Limiting the submissions to just 5 images is tough!

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Dad’s at PEACE

I received a call from the hospital about dad from his doctor. She was following up our discussion regarding dad’s care and wanted to further the idea of promoting a palliative approach to it along the lines I had suggested, … Continue reading

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Dad–are you there?

The last time I saw dad was 18 days ago on April 23rd. Since then we have spoken by phone and I even wrote to him just after my operation, but there is nothing like seeing someone in the flesh. … Continue reading

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Is it over?

This is a new project. It doesn’t have a number and has only taken two days to complete. But time has little to do with emotional investment in work. One project can take months and another a day and both … Continue reading

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Yet another operation

Yesterday’s schedule:11:15 Leave home 12:00 Arrive at hospital12:15 Finally find an accessible parking space around the back12:30 Check inwait, wait, wait…2:30 get ushered into the day surgery suite, get changed and onto trolleywait, wait, wait…5:15 surgeon appears and addresses me … Continue reading


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Another day, another doc, another op

My bleeding is much improved but not cured. And so it was with this in mind that I visited Orpington Hospital for a follow up appointment to my last operation on January 14th. Of course I arrived on time and … Continue reading

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