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We has a great symposium yesterday on the subject of Digital Visitors and Residents – see here. I made a little schematic of my digital world before the meeting. Jonathan posited that Dave White’s encouragement was for to use the … Continue reading

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Reflection on anomie

I wanted to reflect a little on yesterday’s experience at hospital and my feelings of estrangement and an army throughout the whole process of interacting with the staff there. So the staff were pleasant; smiled, spoke to Karen and, at … Continue reading

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Reflections on Project 1: form and evocation and how others speak visually about landscapes

I introduced myself to some of Godwin and Burtensky’s some years ago and so will not repeat my thoughts from back then here. However I do think it’s worth spending some time comparing and contrasting their styles and approach as … Continue reading

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A photo a day – a little bit of symbolism

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make big differences. As I got up today (February 14th) and began settling in my work room Karen came in with tea as is useful. However today the tea was accompanied by … Continue reading

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A photo a day – ideology and photography

The day before yesterday there was quite a long discussion on Flickr here about what photography students are made to study. A student was complaining about a course where he was required to investigate issues of Feminism and photography. His … Continue reading

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