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Nothing. About dad

Since dad died last Wednesday my day to day activities have changed radically. I am no longer phoning, emailing and writing to people to help organise dad’s life, nor am I speaking to him. So, just at the moment there … Continue reading

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A minute. A lifetime.

Context I have always promised dad that if at all possible he would end his days at home surrounded by the things he knows and with this in mind had gotten the PEACE protocol  in place so that dad would … Continue reading

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Administration and Tears

Yesterday was hectic. In between the calls to and from district nurses, carers and suppliers of things dad needs, he would phone and not answer. This happened five times. I’d picked up and hear him and call out “dad” but … Continue reading

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Dad’s ready for discharge

I came back from a (lovely) overnight trip to Portsea on Tuesday to find several messages waiting for me. There were three from dad. Two were jumbled and didn’t make much sense and one where he just wanted to catch … Continue reading

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Documentary submission: The Royal Photographic Society

So here is my submission. Limiting the submissions to just 5 images is tough!

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Dad’s at PEACE

I received a call from the hospital about dad from his doctor. She was following up our discussion regarding dad’s care and wanted to further the idea of promoting a palliative approach to it along the lines I had suggested, … Continue reading

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Dad–are you there?

The last time I saw dad was 18 days ago on April 23rd. Since then we have spoken by phone and I even wrote to him just after my operation, but there is nothing like seeing someone in the flesh. … Continue reading

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The promise of VR

If Frank Rose’s The Art of Immersion was all about showing how storytelling is both a natural human function and changing because of the nature of technology then Virtual Reality (VR) must be one of the leading strands of change. … Continue reading

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Is it over?

This is a new project. It doesn’t have a number and has only taken two days to complete. But time has little to do with emotional investment in work. One project can take months and another a day and both … Continue reading

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