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An experiment in lino cutting

I’ve been racking my brains about how to key the triptych of conventional, aspirational and personal symbols into the wider set of symbols. The triptych is black and white and I think it needs to be like that – ie … Continue reading

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A collaboration; a book

Back in July 2014 I posted about being part of a long term collaboration with some other Open College of Arts students – see here. Well thanks to Yiann the project is now almost complete. Here is the finished book.  … Continue reading

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Dad’s gone bonkers

I finally got to see dad yesterday as the visiting restrictions due to the Norovirus were lifted at the hospital. I stayed for three hours and we sat and chatted – just shooting the breeze.   Dad is really physically … Continue reading

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Like father, like son (not)

I haven’t been able to see dad this week. It’s his fifth week in hospital and he’s had the Norovirus twice, and now the ward is closed to visitors. Dad’s isolation is compounded by the fact that he is quite … Continue reading

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Project 20 Duchamp’s urinal 2016

In part of last Friday’s tutorial, Jonathan mentioned this image below and how things like that sculpture could form part of my exhibition. Jonathan didn’t know what the items were and I explained that the sculpture was made up of … Continue reading

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Pain patches on dad’s old knees I visited dad today. I was present for the doctor’s round and he advised that dad was ready to go home and that the plan for bed based (ie care facility based) rehabilitation had … Continue reading

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A retreat from the digital (Project 20)

I’ve had a bit of a challenge this past few days which I won’t bother you with but the upshot has been a retreat  from an online prescience since February 24th and an engagement with the physical. Purpose I found … Continue reading

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One for my colleagues

Some of my MA colleagues visited Margate recently and went to see Alex Chinneck’s house. However when they arrived it was boarded up. This is what they missed.

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Looking better today…

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Camberwell workshop

I visited Camberwell college for a workshop yesterday. It was nice to see some old and new faces in the flesh as most of the time we only engage virtually.

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