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Her (I don’t want to lose this)

I watched a great film yesterday entitled Her – see here and want to register my thoughts about it. The film is about a man lonely after his marriage breakup and how – in this future world were computer operating … Continue reading

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The Art of Immersion (and other things)

This is a book about storytelling memory imagination and sharing. Rose takes us through many stories that outline the changes to media production and consumption following the digital revolution. He does this well but telling stories about people: the movers … Continue reading


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Digital Revolution: the book of the exhibition

I read the forward and five essays from the book[1] that accompanied the exhibition. Here are my notes and thoughts. The scope of the exhibition is broad – media arts, cinema, design, games, video – this hints at the journey … Continue reading

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Digital Revolution and my chosen medium

In a recent post I outlined some of the exhibits at the Barbican’s Digital Revolution Exhibition. Here I continue that review by focussing on thee installations that really captured my imagination. There were three creations all based on camera and … Continue reading

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Looking at other people’s work: Digital Revolution

Rather than move straight into creating some work I thought I’d step back and reflect on the Digital Revolution Exhibition I visited at the Barbican in Late August 2014 and posted about that visit here (link). This will help me … Continue reading

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A photo a day – immersion verses reflection

I visited the Digital Revolution Exhibition at the Barbican today (link). The whole thing was massive fun and deeply immersive. I was not so much a viewer here, rather I was a participant in a series of performances. Indeed I … Continue reading

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