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Final summary and reflection

This post is a course requirement where I am obliged to create a 500 word post critically evaluating my practice and future development. My practice While I have produced two books, six videos, five websites (generally focused sites here, and … Continue reading

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Online: second best?

I read this article with interest today: A new teaching model for art schools? Distance learning master’s courses announced by Falmouth pose the question of whether creative skills can be taught online [See it here] The article raises a series … Continue reading

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A nest of websites and links

I’ve been pondering about my websites recently and how they relate to each other. The problem is they don’t really. I have one general site for any images I want to post and I have another for photo essays; then … Continue reading

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Stuck and scared – oh and a Weebly website

I had a heameriodectomy last Thursday to stop my constant and frequent bleeding. Since then I have been stuck upstairs not far from my bed or bathroom dealing with the (hopefully) short term implications of the operation – ie sweating, … Continue reading

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An approach to my work shown online – a new WordPress website

The production of the final body of work for online consumption requires a quite different approach from that of the book. I either needed to create a dedicated set of images for the site or use the site to show … Continue reading

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Websites: thinking about curation, spectacle and discourse

The recent reading I’ve been doing on the subject of curation has, along with the on-going curation of my book, motivated me to have a look at my general online presence. I use Facebook, Flickr and this blog in very … Continue reading

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So I am now near the point where I need to consider how to present my work and then select and refine the imagery in regard of the specific production values to exploit each context’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, … Continue reading

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Looking toward Unit Two: thinking about curation, thinking about outputs

I feel I am now at a key moment in my work. Unit 1 is pretty well complete, my research proposal sharp, my research paper written and submitted, a body of draft experimental work produced and three exhibitions completed, or … Continue reading

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Technology, diversification, production values and access

One of the emails I received today was from WordPress.com. I subscribe to their emails because I am not a greatly technically proficient.  I love technology and am interested all things computer and internet related but have only dabbled with … Continue reading

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