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Penultimate symposium

A collective MA cohort website is born …. You click the image on the artist and that takes to anywhere. In my case to this image.   Then clicking on my image takes viewers into a new tab and along … Continue reading

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Digital footprints and literacy

I read a great article yesterday – see here – about a daughter who found a new perspective on her late mum when she began using her computer. “Her computer activity was like a breadcrumb trail through her inner life: … Continue reading

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Some digital adjustments

I’ve spent some time revising my websites ready for the final evaluation. They are now composed of two discrete groups: one explicitly MA related and the other not. The explicitly MA related sites I have used my MA logo as … Continue reading

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Stuck and scared – oh and a Weebly website

I had a heameriodectomy last Thursday to stop my constant and frequent bleeding. Since then I have been stuck upstairs not far from my bed or bathroom dealing with the (hopefully) short term implications of the operation – ie sweating, … Continue reading

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An approach to my work shown online – a new WordPress website

The production of the final body of work for online consumption requires a quite different approach from that of the book. I either needed to create a dedicated set of images for the site or use the site to show … Continue reading

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Websites: thinking about curation, spectacle and discourse

The recent reading I’ve been doing on the subject of curation has, along with the on-going curation of my book, motivated me to have a look at my general online presence. I use Facebook, Flickr and this blog in very … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Alright: Desire and the Post-war Photobook

The chapter opens with two grungy images of naked youth. It begins but arguing that the 1960s was a period of relaxation in terms of censorship and sexual freedoms and that the photobook reflected this with soft porn, picture essays … Continue reading

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Project 8: A different abstraction: I am code (and buy me)

Yesterday’s visit to the hospital reminded me that I am referred to and defined in many diverse ways. By family roles and name, by phone numbers or tax reference numbers, usernames and avatar to name a few. The hospital’s preferred … Continue reading

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