Improving access at Camberwell

One of the paradox’s of living with paralysis is the feelings when physical access is an issue. For example, it is brilliant that the MA Fine Art digital has an online option as this has enabled me to participate. In addition things like online access to the University’s library has a great impact on my ability to utilise the university’s resources.

But, and this is the paradox, I simultaneously feel, that the designers of Camberwell were either ignorant of the needs of wheelchair users or did not expect they needed to cater for our needs and this means that I can’t access much of the site. This type of exclusion cuts me to the quick.

Of course I knew this when I signed up and hence my experience being paradoxical. But hey, there is good news for others who will follow me  as I recently received an email alerting me to a a major upgrade of the campus at Camberwell beginning this July. I responded by saying that the proposals looks great and that I hope wheelchair access will be much improved following this upgrade and received this response.

Hi Peter
Part of the plan is to overall  the entrance and façade to enable seamless disabled access into the 1970’s building.  All new aspects of the development such as the academic block, lecture theatre, library, canteen  and the on-site halls of residence will be fully accessible.  However some parts of the existing building  (especially the old part) will remain along with the constraints in which we currently operate.
PA to the Dean

So maybe I won’t have to live with such paradox in future…


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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