Symposium review: Yvonne’s presentation

We had a great 2 hour symposium yesterday. I won’t repeat everything discussed here but will note three issues that came up that I had not thought about too much before

  • surface plasticity in art
  • can science explain art?
  • similarities and differences between material art and immaterial art

But the main issue for me was about artistic intention and how open or closed it is. I clearly have a message I am trying to explore, experiment with and promote through aesthetics. But many people use art much more openly to explore aspects of life, with no specific agenda or hypothesis.  I know this seems obvious, but when I am studying one person’s images I find my internal voice often asking myself about what they are trying to convey or say, when they may not be trying to “say” anything. Rather they are just exploring.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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