Family Album 11 and related issues

Here is Uncle Jimmy aged 8 in 1930 in St James’ Park with granddad’s pipes.

Family Album 11“Jimmy” was also named James Laird Dunbar. He was born on in 1922 in Beckenham, passed his 11 plus exam and went to Penge and Beckenham Grammar School for boys and then went to work in a bank.

Issues 1
Not all of the photos in my late parents albums are analogue. Some, like the one above, are on printed photopaper and so must have been scanned by mum at some point. Maybe they were her sister’s photos and mum borrowed them. I don’t know, but am glad I have them.

Family Album 11eIssues 2
Catherine, a photographic colleague, asked what I was doing with the old analogue photos from my late parents photo albums once digitized. The answer sadly is discarding them. The reasons may become obvious when I you look below.



As you can see the albums are large, heavy and the photos are deteriorating. I think digitising the images will do more than save space and conserve the images; it will share them much more widely by placing them online.

I will also repair the digital images where I can and I don’t see this as any different from cleaning a picture. Of course, I realise that  I am both losing something and transforming the images but the nature of time does that in any case.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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  1. Catherine says:

    Definitely a labour of love.

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