Reflection and thinking where next?

Looking at Project 6 A Picture of Health alongside the other projects are completed so far in the MA gives me a chance to evaluate the project within a wider context and see it as part of a growing body of work.

In that sense I think it’s a strong project with good graphic values and a powerful visual discourse. But this far  none of my final images impart the sense of fear that aspects of my impairment can generate. Project 6 comes close but needs thought from the viewer about the implications of the different coloured urine and what blood in the urine might mean in terms of health. So I want to try something that offers a more immediate and visceral impact.

I won’t begin anything today as I have a 1 to 1 tutorial tomorrow and will use this time to read and reflect a little before moving on.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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