I had a tutorial with Kier Williams – Associate Lecturer. I’ve not met Kier before and he hadn’t seen any of my work. I shared some of my projects with Kier – not all at once. I began with Project 7 Blood and Shit, and Project 3 Out of Place, and we then went on to discuss Project 1 Public Landscapes, (which I introduced as a failed project) and then back to Project 6 A Picture of Health and Project 2 Domestic Landscapes.

The tutorial was very different from the symposium earlier in the week. At that I presented and explained my work. Here I asked Kier to provide his take on the Project 7 set and what was so gratifying is that my intension – to create images that work as both pictures and discourses – appeared to work (at least on Kier!)

We then discussed the different projects and images and it was clear that both the images and the conceptual approach work for him. My two takeaway points are 1) to carry on experimenting with obviousness and subtly in the work;  and 2) to not be afraid to exhibit these individual projects. (I, up until now anyway, have been very focussed on presenting all of these as a body of work yet to be developed. So the comment was reassuring.)

Lastly during the tutorial Kier provided this link http://the-disabled-avant-garde.webs.com/ which I will explore in due course.

But I think I will sit back and enjoy the rest of this Friday in the knowledge that my work has engaged someone and my intension for the larger body of work is on track.



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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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