21st century photography: art, philosophy, technique

While wandering around the University of the Arts Moodle I came across this Conference call for papers and, bolstered my my meeting other students and my recent tutorial I responded with the proposal below.

Please find my proposal in response for the call for papers in regard of: 21st century photography: art, philosophy, technique taking place on 5-6 June 2015.

(Un)seen: conventions and connotations in photographic re-presentations of disability

Images offer many simultaneous contradictions: they are both simple pictures and complex discourses; they are fixed and still whose meaning changes by time, place and who views them; they are both representations of other things and original items.

This author contends that the rise of the World Wide Web and explosion of digital imagery offers an illusion of ubiquity in subject coverage while in reality offering limited – ideologically determined – views, where the causes and nature of disability are obscured or located within the individual and so hark back to earlier forms of disability imagery through reference to particular archetypes and that while new trends have arisen they have largely failed to visually distinguish between impairment and disability.

This, the author asserts, is in part due to the lack of attention paid to creating bodies of work that promote particular visual discourses that can counter dominant assumptions through artistic practices. Accordingly anomiepete aims to present work that focuses on the social construction of disability and the personal implications of living with paralysis without reference to the body as this drives viewers to consider issues about impairment and disability from new perspectives.

If selected my twenty minute presentation will aim to take viewers through issues of:

· Historical perspectives about disability
· Images and meaning
· Photographs, art and politics
· Current Re-presentations
· Emerging trends
· Where representation of disability is now
· Re-framing cognition and its implications for artists

Peter Mansell
Student Number: MAN14427368
Course: MA Fine Art Digital
Camberwell College of Arts
Website: http://anomiepete.weebly.com/

I hope I get a chance to present my ideas and engage some others in this discussion.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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