Unit 1 Mid term review symposium

So yesterday’s symposium was a specific review of each participants’ 5 minute video presentation. Those online students used Google Hangouts, Skype and Youtube to join in with those based at Camberwell and it worked really well. The whole event can be seen here and I have included a screen shot of what it looked like from my online point of view here below.


The deal was to listen, but not respond to, a discussion of the others about one’s own work. Here below are my notes from the discussion of my presentation. They are not in the order they were spoken but rather in an order that makes sense to me.

  • Form of presentation worked well
  • Enjoyed the presentation – a sensorial assault that worked well
  • Sets of images as apposed to single images
  • You’re shocked, but not sure why your shocked
  • The speed of the presentation doesn’t give you the chance to intellectually process the images
  • Doesn’t just document – a strong personal presence comes through
  • The images look outward but reflect an inward experience
  • The presentation had a rhythm to it
  • He says he’s not interested in presentation but clearly thinks about this all the time,   maybe its more about not thinking about his final presentation – four terms away
  • Contrast of [pretty ambient] sounds and images, barrage
  • Brutal, clinical, honest, disturbing
  • Personal, clinical, emotional, scientific
  • Disabled symbols becoming personalities was interesting

I was pleased with the responses – the objective to make something engaging that balanced the real and how it is experienced and so documentary and expressive seemed about right.  My colleagues’ comments suggested that the images provided a visceral impact as well as allowing for deeper thought and reflection and they all accepted the presentation as a personal authentic voice that appeared to engage them, and the presentational format I had used seemed to work.

The act of creating the video also enabled me to see one clear way how I could present my work via this method. If I present my final project using video it will need to incorporate a different structure based on the subject matter rather than the course timetable, but the idea of swiftly moving through some images and then holding the viewer’s gaze on others and incorporating ambient sound might offer a very different – more performance based – experience than printed images on a wall.

Smile So I am on track but with lots to think about and have enjoyed the day immensely. It was long, quite intense and very useful. Then we all said bye bye until next term!



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