Paul Goodwin’s otherness

In preparation for Professor Paul Goodwin’s seminar on June 30th I made use of the links Jonathan sent.

The exhibition Paul Goodwin is curating is work by the artist Keith Piper — here is a video of the original version of the work

The video if Paul Goodwin in conversation with Keith Piper and Gary Stewart

The Ghosts project

My take home messages:
Robots, cyborgs and andriods are placed within a context of race and economics – as categories of beings employed to service other groups and distinguished by their particular physical characteristics that show them as different from the serviced populace. These things offer value to the populace but present threats and hazards if they revert.

Hybrid nature of much contemporary art but the role of digital often underplayed, just the the roles of Black and Women in art history. (so they are the “ghosts in the machine”)

I don’t disagree with the issues as stated and see a number of parallels in regard of disability. However where as Black people are see to have an economic value akin to robots disabled people do not. Disability is not included in art at all. It is fully conflated with impairment.  


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