Documents of Anger and Sadness: Protests and the Photobook

High point of the protest photobook was 1960s and 70s in USA and Japan ie a time of protest: Eg Nothing Personal by Avendon – the juxtaposition of wholesome images of marriage against images of mental illness, protest etc

Earnest Withers Complete Photo story of Till murder case – see here = photos as documents.

The photobooks in this section seemed to be much more closely related to their modern day internet equivalents of twitter and youtube. This is where people “get the message out” photo books are too slow for that now, but the authors still cite some contemporary photobooks such as Ben Roberts Occupied Spaces, but these seem more about remembering and documenting rather than awareness raising and also in this case use the typology approach in terms of form.

I think my book will be much closer to Avedon’s than Roberts as I am explicit about the lens offering viewers a sense of what I see and not what everyone sees.  

G. Badger, and M. Parr, (2014) The Photobook: A History Volume III Published by Phaidon Press


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