Words and photos in a medical context

I’m still experimenting with words/statements in different photographic contexts but am not sure any of these changes make substantial differences to evocation.



This next image shows how I organised and works with so many layers – by establishing small groups of layers using one colour – I could more easily manipulate the words than would otherwise be the case.


I would then adjust the layers to get to a final image.


Here is the same image in monochrome.


The final image of this session
I’ve applied spray strokes the words in this final image as well as applied a red monochrome filter to show up the wheelchair user. I think the monochrome treatment reinforced the black and white metaphorical nature of the image and subject matter well.


This is one of those projects were some things were quite clear from the start while others appear open ended. For example, I knew this project would always be one image. A series just doesn’t somehow sit with the idea of making a visual statement based on my, and others’, voices, whereas the single frame uses my image and others words to express something and my and their feelings.

But the issue of what words and which photo and the exact form was much more open ended. I did not expect to use monochrome and yet this works best here. Moreover I still like my very early attempt but am glad I didn’t stop at that point as this last image melds an aspirational photo with the tedium of hospital appointments and the reality of our feelings.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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