I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out rubbish this weekend. My brother and his wife took 11 bin bags of dad’s consumables down the dump and I have sorted numerous papers into different piles for various purposes. So it was almost natural to continue in that mode when at home and thinking about this MA.

There is only three weeks to the formal assessment deadline and I have a very clear idea of my exhibition strategy with much of the work completed and ready.  So yesterday I took some time to go though my materials with a view to clearing rubbish out and I came across a digital photo of an image I had created when experimenting with ideas of what to show and how to present it. The image was only 18cm by 18cm and as soon as I saw it I knew I could use it to contribute to the exhibition not my strategy of populating around the whole venue has been developed and agreed.

My intension here was to express something of the way I am felling just now. With the MA coming to an end, and all that has been going on with dad I have been feeling a strong sense of ending/change and wanted to express this. So I took the image screwed it up hard and scratched it. I then took a slighter larger chunk of rough cardboard and painted it completely black. I then mounted the image onto the cardboard, so now it measures 20cm x 20cm.


I found both the process of using supposedly redundant materials very satisfying and am pleased with the result.

It’s funny: the summer that I began the MA mum died and now dad’s gone too. A new era beckons.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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3 Responses to Rubbish?

  1. Catherine says:

    Very effective Pete – its me a wrong impression of you feeling crushed and weighed down at the moment, bounded by grief but still travelling onwards.

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    • anomiepete says:

      Thanks Catherine. I bet that what really is going on! I told my brother today that I feel very odd. Unsettled, snappy. Nothing like the way I felt when mum died. You’ve been quiet very recently. I hope its been for good reasons 🙂 BTW My Pacemaker has given me a new lease of life!


      • Catherine says:

        Well, there’s the process of the loss and what’s caused it I guess, plus, maybe, the relationship with each.
        I’ve been away for a few days, plus doing a fair amount of reading for the new Module and pondering on it. Projects usually grow on me rather than me having a clear idea from the outside.
        I’ve been wondering how you were getting on with the pacemaker and pleased to hear it’s doing you good.

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