MA Pop up show – production values


The criteria I used to guide my production values for my contribution to the pop up show are as follows:

    • Use the opportunity to do something I wouldn’t be able to do easily on my own
    • Experiment in terms of both discourse and aesthetic
    • Try to create a broad statement rather than narrow one (ie evoke a sentiment about the whole experience of impairment and disability rather than focus on any singular aspect of it).
    • Don’t spend too much money

The first criterion is related to the size of the images I have produced. When viewing them on screen they work in terms of discourse and aesthetic but the viewer can’t easily see the textures of the images, and nor do the images dominate and stand over the viewer. This changes when produced and shown at a large scale. One of the things I noticed with the end of year show was that even though I thought I had produced large images – the reality was that the venue dwarfed them and it was only the fact that the walls were covered with fellow students’ work that the effect was minimised.

So this is a set of 4×80 cm square images to make best use of the space at Camberwell. I used a different printer than usual, and did not print on board but just satin paper. The great worry is always about the colour and quality result. I was hoping that the blues in each image would connect with each other but they looked quite different (see below) when uploaded to the printer’s website.


I should not have worried and the result is fine. The printing and delivery cost £87.20 and the results are fantastic – better than seen on this blog. The only thing I would have done differently is mount them on fibreboard but that would double the costs.

To give you an idea of what the end product will look like see below (without the cardboard protection, of course!)


Now imagine the four images side by side hanging a little higher so you have to look up at them.


Rather than hand them conventionally I plan to use simple single bull clips holding the image from top centre on a piece of string, as long as they hang flat against the wall. The other option is double sided hangers at each top corner.


One of the problems I have is getting the images to Camberwell without damaging them. Just moving them around is difficult, so I will have to roll them up for the journey, and this might jeopardise the hanging method.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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3 Responses to MA Pop up show – production values

  1. Catherine says:

    They’re going to look really good Pete. Which Printer did you use by the way?

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