I saw dad today for the first time since March 26th, so nearly 4 weeks ago. We have spoken on the phone but its quite difficult because both his hearing and processing isn’t too good. So it was good to see him.


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So dad has been discharged from hospital to Lauriston House. This is a private nursing home that the Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (the local GPs) hire some 30 odd beds and other space on the first floor from, and this is called Lauriston House Rehabilitation Unit. The aim of the place is to reduce hospital bed blocking by getting patients fit to go home.

K, Dad and I met with the Matron. His name is Paul Drury. The aim is to get dad mobile and we discussed three possible outcomes: 

    1. Dad goes home. This is the most likely outcome (see below) with dad having three weeks rehab (max is 6 weeks) at Lauriston House and then some transitional support (for getting up, eating, getting to bed etc) to allow us to arrange for in home care/support. 
    2. Dad goes into a care or nursing home.
    3. Dad goes into a care or nursing home for a limited time for respite.

Paul suggested that the medical files primarily focused  on dad’s loss of weight. I explained that this was more a symptom of dad’s overriding problem of loneliness, sadness at the loss of mum and the lack of daily purpose. Dad cried at this point and this helped show Paul just how fragile dad is. Paul said they have counselling on site and dad would get this as part of his process.   

The immediate step is for dad to be assessed and a program of rehabilitation instigated. The good news is that Dad got himself out of bed unaided (not seen by me) was standing when I entered the room, sat and stood unaided (seen by me) and said he had used the loo rather than a bottle. 

So my own view is that dad will probably end up wanting to go home and that he will do so with more care in place. But let’s see. 


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2 Responses to Dad

  1. Catherine says:

    Good to know there’s improvement and that support is working for your dad.

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  2. Tanya says:

    I hope he’s getting on Ok at the new place.

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