Another simulacrum of blood and shit

You might remember that in my last post on this project I tried to create a physical object that represented my experience of bleeding, but that did so in a way that was clearly a mediated artistic reflected re-presentation of the experience. In other words I wanted the image to offer some artistic form and show some craft, rather than be a chaotic mishmash. Well I think I have got somewhere with that.


The process here was much less haphazard and more considered than in the first attempt. I selected the materials more carefully and planned how the end product might look rather than leaving that to chance.

So firstly I cut a square of cardboard and painted one side black and the other red and planned to use this rather than an incontinence sheet, which is a lot larger, as the backing. I then collected up a number of hand towels that I use to stem any bleeds and glued them to the backing board so they made a clear pattern and obscured the board.


I then roughly painted the outer hand towels leaving small gaps all over the place and a large gap in the centre so that any paint I would there would not darken. I then mixed some burnt umber acrylic paint with some lighter yellow and also dropped some old gritty dark paint into the mix. Here is the outcome.


Or more contrived as in this photo below.


I very pleased with this. The smaller form works well. Maybe this is because it’s such a simple message and the colour and texture representations are much better than in my first attempt. But yet again I think these types of objects, where my intension is for the outcome to be a physical artefact, are much better seen in the real rather than represented photographically.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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