Dad, not dad again

I was supposed to be seeing dad today but haven’t. He still has Norovirus symptoms and so they have him in a single room just now. We tried speaking by phone the other day but he is so deaf he couldn’t hear me.

I received a weird phone call last evening that went something like this:

Caller: “Hello, is that Peter Mansell.”
Me: “Speaking.”
Caller: “It’s Doctor Webb from the Princess Royal. I am a Cardiologist and am phoning you as I have just reviewed the results of your heart monitoring carried out recently … [see below] … and to alert you to the fact that you need a pacemaker urgently and we would like to admit you now to the PRU.”
Me: [shock, trying to think logistics] “Okay, when would you operate?”
Caller: “It probably won’t be until Monday or Tuesday a you need to have the procedure carried out at Kings because of your metallic heart valve.”
Me:“Okay, so I won’t come in now. Just let me know when you want me at Kings and I will attend.”
Caller: “Right. I understand.”
Me: “So what will happen? Should I expect to receive a call or letter telling me when and where to be admitted?”
Caller: “Yes. I will also write to your GP to alert him to what’s happening.”
Me: “Okay, thanks for letting me know.”
Caller: “No problem: bye.”

In this post I asked whether you know what test I was having done and provided this photo as the clue. Catherine got it right by suggesting a heart monitor.


It was a 24 hour ECG and showed my heart is beating at around 30bpm. I know something wasn’t right back in August when I had a big bleed – see here. I thought I was also in heart failure but wasn’t.

My symptoms are simple: I yawn all the time and have trouble catching my breath. Still, all the stuff I have read online about pacemakers suggests that they should solve the problem. Maybe then I can get my life back as I feel like I’m constantly in survival mode rather than living the life I want.

And, of course, my poor old dad is expecting me today but I will have to disappoint him. Instead I am going to crack on with another picture for the exhibition.


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2 Responses to Dad, not dad again

  1. Catherine says:

    A friend of ours had the same problem with fibrillation some time after metallic heart valve replacement and the pacemaker certainly worked for him. Sending wishes for all going well on the day.

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